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To season your flattop grill for the first time, pour about two to three tablespoons of oil directly onto the entire surface of your Blackstone grill. Use a paper towel or a microfiber towel to rub a thin layer of oil onto every inch of the griddle, and then make sure it’s completely clear before turning on all of the burners. Once they’re on, wait for the griddle to change color, which will take between 10 and 15 minutes, and the surface will smoke. This means that the oil is bonding to the metal top of the griddle, creating the much-needed protective layer that’ll ensure that your food gets an even distribution of heat too. Repeat this process twice more, adding a new oil layer and waiting for the surface to smoke, and then turn off the griddle and let it cool. This is a good time to listen to a food podcast—just to give you some ideas before your griddle is ready to go.

How do you clean a Blackstone griddle after each use?

To clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking, start with a metal spatula. After waiting until it has cooled down (an important step that Garcia says not to forget), gently remove food particles from the surface of the griddle. “You can also use non-damaging scour pads,” Sandoval says. “A pumice grill stone would work too.”

If bits of food are really stuck to the surface of the Blackstone griddle (even after using a stainless steel scraper), use a few squirts of warm water to loosen those pieces with help from a nonmetallic scrubber (or if the surface is still warm, cool water helps). Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be using a wire brush, since little pieces of metal can break off onto the griddle during this process. Once the excess food has been picked away, Garcia recommends pouring dishwashing solution into a bucket of hot water, and then dipping a nonmetal scrub into it. “Apply it to the griddle carefully,” she says. “Continuously scrub the griddle until it’s clean while ensuring that water isn’t dripping elsewhere.”

Next, dry the griddle with a microfiber towel, and then apply a layer of seasoning with a paper towel. Double check that there are no puddles of seasoning on the surface of the griddle, since it should have an even coating.

How often should you clean your Blackstone griddle?

While it may be tempting to push off the task of cleaning your griddle—like, say, after a big meal—Garcia notes that it’s best not to wait. “Don’t let your Blackstone griddle sit for a long period of time,” she says. “If you do, it becomes a lot harder to get everything thoroughly cleaned.”

Cleaning a Blackstone griddle can be similar to caring for cast-iron cookware rather than pots and pans with a nonstick surface. Since the griddle’s surface can rust or chip easily when it’s not cleaned regularly, you should wipe it down and reseason it after every meal—just make sure the surface has cooled first, Garcia says. This will keep buildup from getting in the way of your delicious food and ensure you won’t get any burn marks in the process.

Can you use Dawn dish soap on a Blackstone griddle?

Dawn soap may be a good idea for everyday plates and pans that need a cleaning, but don’t just squeeze it all over your Blackstone griddle. Gentle soap can help dislodge grime, but you don’t want to use anything that works overtime on grease because the seasoning is oil-based and you don’t want to strip it. “If you do want to use [soap], stay away from dyes,” Garcia warns. “So, in essence, any clear dishwashing soap works.” To use, find a small bowl and add a few drops of dish soap, then fill it with warm water. Once you have a soap bath, gently apply to stubborn splatters and scrub. Once you’re done, don’t forget to add a bit of oil to ensure that it is still seasoned properly.

How do you clean rust off a Blackstone griddle?

We all make mistakes, and leaving things outside is one of them. For a Blackstone griddle, the elements can be detrimental. But even if your griddle gets rusted, it doesn’t mean you have to toss it. To remove rust, put on a pair of heat-resistant gloves and turn on the griddle to a high heat. Scrape off the corrosion using a metal scraper, turn off the heat, and let the surface cool. 

Another way to deal with severe corrosion is to use an orbital sander and 60-grit sandpaper to lift off the stuck-on rust and grime from the surface of the griddle. Todd Toven, a self-proclaimed “American griddler,” shows how to clean a Blackstone griddle by sanding on his YouTube tutorial. He then shows the “birthing process” of his griddle top by generously covering it with oil, which he then rubs in with a small towel.

Depending on the size of your griddle top, you can start by adding about five tablespoons of oil to the surface, and then scrub it into the griddle using a pumice grill stone. Wipe the griddle clean with paper towels, and repeat the process until the rust is gone. As soon as it is, add a protective layer of seasoning and be sure to cover it after every meal. “Along with seasoning, covering your griddle will ensure that it ages with you,” Sandoval says. 

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